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Welcome to Bodywork Republic: Cape Cod’s Holistic Massage Company Founded by Chris Nawoichik, LMT.

My goal is to offer exceptional massage service to my clients on Cape Cod and Southeastern MA.  As an ardent researcher of holistic health due to my own interest and lifestyle, I enjoy sharing my knowledge in the field of natural wellness and massage therapy with my clients. Alternative medicine and natural healing are central to my lifestyle; I am a fitness athlete and yoga practitioner.  In the near future I will be selling holistic health products from my online store.  I also publish blog articles on whole-body wellness and share my experiences surrounding diet, fitness, massage, and the latest findings in the field of holistic health.  Namasté.


— Chris Nawoichik, LMT

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Bodywork Republic is a massage and holistic health company founded by Christopher Nawoichik, LMT. As sole-proprietor, Chris serves clients throughout Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts.


Massage appointments are scheduled as either outcalls (to your location) or visits to Chris Nawoichik’s home office, the Bodywork Clinic. Chris will travel anywhere on Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts between 9:00 AM and 10:00 PM with all required gear (table, lotions, sheets, music, forms, etc.). The Bodywork Clinic is located in West Yarmouth, MA (Mid Cape), and the address is provided upon making appointments.




     1 Hour: $100

1.5 Hours: $150

   2 Hours: $200


Call or email Chris Nawoichik today:


508-815-9784 |

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Christopher Nawoichik is enthusiastic about Swedish Massage and holistic health. Having graduated from Cortiva Institute in Boston he is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in Massachusetts. Whole-body wellness and alternative medicine have been a part of his lifestyle since childhood.  Chris is an avid, all-round athlete who loves yoga, meditation, pole fitness, running, hiking in nature, and swimming in the ocean and lakes.


In addition, Chris is a self-driven entrepreneur of the following ventures: (1) photography & artwork; (2) Colonial fife and Celtic flute music; (3) libertarian-conservative blogging; (4) modeling.


Chris is a 6-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served active duty as a commissioned officer with prior enlisted service.  He earned his Bachelor of Psychology at Boston College, and is currently enrolled at Suffolk University Law School to earn his Juris Doctor.

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Flexible Appointments

Book your appointments by calling or emailing Chris Nawoichik.  The earlier you book, the better (time slots fill up).  Bodywork Republic is open for business 7 days a week between 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.  In addition, special circumstances will provide exceptions during other times; just call or email about any unique situations you might have (i.e. you work on ‘night shift,’ etc.).  Chris will be glad to work with you.

Outcalls to Your Place

Conveniently book a massage with Chris by having him come to your home or office. He will travel anywhere within Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts—and bring all required gear for an exceptional quality massage: table, head cradle, sheets, music, high quality lotions and oils, and clinical forms.

Academic Excellence in Holistic Wellness

Chris Nawoichik was professionally trained in the Swedish massage tradition at Cortiva Institute in Boston, MA.  Further, Chris Nawoichik lives by the principles of natural health; as a yogi, athlete, and graduate of higher learning, Chris loves to research and stay up-to-date on the latest holistic findings.  You are in good hands with Chris.

Radically Improve Your Health

By applying both massage therapy and natural holistic principles you will strengthen your parasympathetic nervous system and activate your body’s own healing response.  In addition, find lots of natural health suggestions and medical research on this site. Chris Nawoichik is passionate about whole body wellness.

Bodywork Clinic

Located in the heart of Cape Cod, Chris Nawoichik serves clients from his home office in West Yarmouth, located in the Mid Cape. Schedule an appointment and enjoy the holistic amenities of a restorative massage session at the Bodywork clinic. You deserve it.

Reunite with Your God & Goddess

Holistic Health, Yoga, Meditation, and Massage Therapy are ancient wisdom traditions that facilitate the natural forces of masculine and feminine energies in each individual.  These polarities must be balanced to create harmony in the mind, body, and spirit.  Bodywork Republic promotes and facilitates this natural energetic approach through age-old knowledge and genuine care.

Raising the Standard of Holistic Wellness

Bodywork Republic is Cape Cod’s Hub for Whole Body Health and Swedish Massage

  • Exceptional Massage Therapy with Care

Chris Nawoichik’s enthusiasm for Swedish Massage makes him uniquely excellent.  As a sole proprietor he is not punching a time clock, but is rather investing his time and energy in the high quality massage you seek.

  • Academic Research of Holistic Health

The Blog is constantly updated with inspiring information on natural health, self-care treatments, and the latest findings in alternative medical research to nourish your mind and spirit.

  • Natural Health Products on the Way

Soon Bodywork Republic will be selling quality health products on the Online Store as well as at Chris Nawoichik’s West Yarmouth home office.

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